Road Relay 5

Since 1991 the RoadRelay has helped improve the productivity of thousands of fleets and owner/operators, becoming the most popular driver information system in the trucking industry. Now Cummins has introduced the next generation of RoadRelay:  The RoadRelay 5.  Not only does the RoadRelay 5 provide you with the most popular features from its predecessor such as fuel economy information, trip information, sudden deceleration events, fault information, and Anti-theft,  the all new RoadRelay 5 contains a graphical LCD display, 5-key navigational keypad, and a front panel USB port making it easier than ever before to retrieve and analyze your data from the RoadRelay or the vehicle.  

Road Relay 5 Overview rev 5/13

RoadRelay 5 Flyer, 4971371

RoadRelay 5 Flyer - French, 4971379